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Youth Economic Forum Launching the "Reformists Platform" - 11/11/2011

Empowering youth with the notion of public interest and public policy, the Youth Economic Forum (YEF) is launching a booklet of 33 policy ideas to modernize Lebanon. The launching will be held on Friday 11 November 2011 at the Parliament’s Library starting 9:30 AM.

The booklet written by 63 young authors (individuals and NGOs), is the product of the Reformists Platform Project which lasted two years, providing a space for students, activists and young researchers from different backgrounds and regions in Lebanon to think, research, develop and advocate public interest related policies. 293 people participated in the workshops, out of which 108 participants joined the follow-up panels to develop their own policies.  32 University campuses, 110 NGOs, and 62 Municipalities were invited to the workshops.

The launching will include a Youth Panel where the authors of three ideas will share their experience during the Reformists Platform.  Ms. Zeina Ammar, President of the Youth Economic Forum of AUB and participant in the Reformists Platform, will discuss her group’s idea on increasing green spaces in urban areas through green roofs, pocket gardens and green streets.  The two other ideas will be on facilitating procedures in public administrations by Ms. Anne Marie Abou Aziz and organizing a National Bus Transportation Network (BTN) by Ms. Adriana Bou Diwan.

An expert panel will also comment on the booklet.  After taking questions, the launching ceremony will be concluded with the distribution of certificates to the authors followed by a cocktail reception.

REGISTER HERE before Wednesday, November 9, 2011 - Seats are Limited

For more information, CONTACT the Youth Economic Forum.

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