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Public Policy Forum: Horsh Beirut and accessible public green space - 08/02/2012

A view from inside Horsh BeirutJoin Nahnoo, a youth-led civil society organization working to open Horsh Beirut, for a debate with a specific focus on expanding Beirut's green space and opening Horsh Beirut - the city's biggest public park. Audience members will also have a chance to have their say.

The event will feature a photography exhibit highlighting Horsh Beirut and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Join us and be part of the discussion!


Mr. Eric Bouvard, representative of the municipality of Ile De France in Beirut
Mr. Nizar Saghieh, lawyer
Mr. Mohammad Ayoub, the Executive Director of Nahnoo
Dr. Bilal Hamad, president of Beirut Municipality

Mr. Gilbert Doumit

A small cocktail will follow the discussion along with a photography exhibition of a collection of pictures from the park.

Where: Madina Theatre, Hamra
When: February 8, 2011 from 7 to 10pm

There will be direct translation to Arabic, English and French

For more info:
Tel. 03077059 or 01280474

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