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About Public Policy Initiative
Through the three components of the Public Policy Initiative program: policy development workshops, online policy hub, and Public Policy Forum, NDI Lebanon has developed a flexible resource and network to encourage engagement and strengthen the drive towards public participation in policy development and reform. The Public Policy Initiative (PPI) draws on NDI's extensive local and international practitioner network, as well as in-house expertise, to train and support participants in developing and communicating policy reform ideas to decision-makers.  

This website is meant to serve as an online public policy hub. Highlights from the work of Lebanese civil society will be featured regularly, as well as policy news and events from Lebanon. We will work to continuously upload studies, data, and other resource materials in order to create a useful database that decision-makers, researchers, activists, media and other members of the policy community can utilize to inform their work and spread their message.

If you're working towards positive public policy reform in Lebanon, we're interested in hearing from you.  Contact us to find out how you can participate in the Public Policy Initiative.  
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